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Systems for Suction and Irrigation with Coagulation

The PAJUNK® systems for suction and irrigation with additional coagulation function are safe and versatile. All handles and HF-electrodes of the series can be combined with each other. As a result of the wide range of electrode designs the systems can be matched exactly to the surgical requirements. It can be chosen between pistol handles and trumpet valves, which are also available in a standard version without HF connection. Systems for suction and irrigation

The electrode tip of retractable monopolar HF-electrodes can be completely pulled back into the suction-irrigation tube. Rotation, as well as retraction and extension of the HF-electrode can be carried out one-handed.

All electrodes have a gold-plated HF-connection integrated in the handle. This guarantees a low transition resistance, and improves conductibility. The adapter is integrated in the HF-connector, and is in total rotatable. Therefore the electrode tip can be turned in all directions without interrupting the conductive connection of the HF-supply to the tip.

The suction-irrigation tube of all instruments with coagulation function consists of an extremely robust plastic tube, which has been mounted on a core tube of stainless steel. It ensures a very solid insulation.

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