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MultiStim SENSOR

Percutaneous nerve localization with handle

  • Pressing the PEG- or Cannula button will cause the stimulation to be switched to the handle or to the cannula, as may be required
  • The respectively active electrode will thereby be indicated by means of a corresponding status indicator in the display.
  • The intensity and the frequency of the stimulation current, as well as the pulse width can be adjusted separately for both outputs.

Nominal/actual stimulation current intensity

The intensity of the stimulation current actually flowing through the patient is measured constantly, and is indicated numerically as well as by bar graph indicator on the display. The nominal and actual currents are also constantly compared and indicated visually or acoustically, if the intensity of the actually fl owing current differs from the adjusted current intensity.

Adjustable stimulation pulse width

The stimulation pulse width can be adjusted fast and simple with a button of its own in a number of steps - with intervals ranging from 0.05 ms, 0.1 ms, 0.2 ms, 0.3 ms, 0.5 ms to 1.0 ms, e.g. for the selective stimulation of sensory and motor nerve fi bres in mixed nerves.

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