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FuserPump elastomeric pump

The InfiltraLong developed by PAJUNK® is the only wound infiltration catheter that can be combined with all commercial pumps. This means that hospital physicians can decide whether they want to use a portable system in the form of elastomer pumps or a stationary system such as a syringe pump. PAJUNK® also offers an alternative in the form of a closed system comprising a pump, weld-bonded infusion tube, filter and InfiltraLong catheter.

Variable flow rate
Setting is made via a key that can be kept separately from the system. The system is also protected against accidental changes to the desired dose.

Greater filling efficiency with
the FuserPump Filler

With the FuserPump Filler, a direct connection is made between the anaesthetic sachet and the pump system. The integrated non-return valve prevents backflow of liquids. This enables faster, safe and sterile filling of the pain pump.

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