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NRFit SonoPlex

The echogenic cannula with a new hub

PAJUNK« became one of the global leaders in echogenic cannulas for nerve blocks thanks to the patented Cornerstone Technology. The new generation of Sono cannulas combines the proven cannula shaft and cannula tip visibility with a new optimised cannula hub. In addition, the NanoLine coating gives best possible glide properties needing minimum puncture force.

Non-Removable Injection Ttube
  • Closed system
  • No leakage
Removable Stimulation Cable
  • Easy removal of stimulation cable while keeping the system sterile
  • Allows for more flexibility to match user preferences
Colour Coded Cannula Hub
  • Easy identification of cannula diameter and size
Optimised Ultrasound Visibility of Cannula Shaft and Tip
  • 360░ graduations on the first 20 mm of the cannula
  • Reflexion especially at steep insertion angles
  • Clear identification irrespective of the insertion angle
Precise Stimulation
  • Interior and exterior coating
  • 100% insulation
  • Blank tip generating a highly precise electrical field
Echogenic Cannula Tip
  • Facet grinding with two inclination angles

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