Stereotaxic Tissue Extraction


Stereotaxic Tissue Extraction

Pajunk BrainPro needles have been specially designed for single or repeated extraction of tumorous cerebral tissue, using a stereotaxic frame. They are easy to handle and highly functional: The needle tip has a lateral opening for the incorporation of large biopsy material samples. The tissue cylinder is large enough for the recovery of histology samples. The sealed, closed system also ensures a good vacuum and excellent biopsy material quality. BrainPro biopsy sets are designed as an entirely disposable set of instruments, guaranteeing total hygiene and therefore also protection against prion transfer.

BrainPro Overview

BrainPro Features & Advantages

1. Function Status Display

  • The needle is opened and closed via a 180° rotation
  • This allows a tissue cylinder to be abraded and extracted under aspiration

2. Large Tissue Cylinder

  • The ingenious cutting technique of the needle allows the best possible biopsy result
  • Essential for histological examination
  • Sharp abscission of the tissue is ensured

3. Depth Stop and Depth Markings

  • Puncture depth is easily determind by the depth stop
  • Double protection system in this sensitive environment

4. Multiple Tissue Extraction

  • With an addtional guide tube acc. to Merlo
  • Sligth variation of the needle position is also possible

BrainPro Ordering Info

Item description Item no. Purchase Unit

Ø 1.8mm x 250mm with lateral opening 10mm, rotatable / 10ccm vacuum syringe / 25cm ruler / sterile

1153-2L250 5
Item description

Ø 1.8mm x 250mm with lateral opening 10mm, rotatable / 10ccm vacuum syringe / 25cm ruler / sterile

Item no. 1153-2L250 5

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