Precision for a Gentle Procedure


Precision for a Gentle Procedure

DeltaFix from Pajunk was developed especially for radiationtreatment of prostate gland carcinomata using radioactive seeds. In close cooperation and continuous coordination with leading physicians, the innovative conception of DeltaFix makes the implantation easier for the patient. In addition, it guarantees a gentler and more agreeable procedure in comparison with radical prostatectomy.

DeltaFix Overview

DeltaFix Features & Advantages

1. Greater Visibility due to Sandblasted Surface

  • The rough structure on the first 10mm
  • Improves visibility under ultrasound
  • The three hooks at the tip of the inner stylet are extended for stabilizing the organ in the desired position

2. Depth Markings

  • Easy to read and identify

3. Fixation Adapter

  • The adapater in the middle of the needle locks the prostate gland in position directly at the puncture matrix

4. Uncomplicated Handling

  • The implantation of the seeds is carried out on a small area
  • The instruments should therefore also require as little room as possible
  • Therefore the DeltaFix needle has a thin stylet and a slim handle

DeltaFix Ordering Info

Item description Item no. Purchase Unit

18G x 150mm (6")

319S130150 5
Item description

18G x 150mm (6")

Item no. 319S130150 5

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