TrocaPort Semi-Reusable

With Disposable Silicon Valve

TrocaPort Semi-Reusable

With Disposable Silicon Valve

The semi-reusable valve of the TrocaPort Semi-Reusable can be quickly disassembled for easy cleaning and is ideally suited for the autoclaving process. In addition, a disposable silicone valve is used, which reduces the risk of damaging or interlocking of the instruments and minimises the sliding resistance when instruments are pushed through. With a quick lock between the disposable valve insert and the housing the instrument is ready for use.

TrocaPort Semi-Reusable is available in various different options:

  • With and without stop-cock as well as in different sizes and working lengths
  • Bariatrics (150mm)
  • Standard (100mm)
  • Paediatrics (80mm)

The disposable version is a very popular choice because of its light weight.

TrocaPort Semi-Reusable Overview

TrocaPort Semi-Reusable Features

1. Silicone Valve

  • Smooth-running, pressure-resistant
  • Protects lenses and instruments

2. Stopcock

  • Maintenance-free

3. Trocar Sleeve Options

  • Smooth surface
  • Fixation thread - for a better anchorage in the abdominal wall
  • EcoBalloon - for extraperitoneal laparoscopic surgeries (e.g. TEP) or against sliding out trocars

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TrocaPort Semi-Reusable Ordering Info

Item description Item no. Purchase Unit

Fixation thread, ø 11mm, Standard 100mm

1287-19-11T 1
Item description

Fixation thread, ø 11mm, Standard 100mm

Item no. 1287-19-11T 1

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