Echogenic Thermolesion Needles with Active Tip


Echogenic Thermolesion Needles with Active Tip

Pajunk offers a range of straight echogenic needles for temperature contolled RF procedures, specifically designed for procedures in the periphery. Our needles come with the patented Cornerstone Reflectors for improved ultrasound visibility, combined with high stabilitiy and maneuverability, as well as a smooth needle coating for easy placement and reduced drag.

RFTL Sono Overview

RFTL Sono Features & Advantages

1. Cornerstone Reflectors

  • 360 degree graduations on the first 20mm of the needle
  • Optimised ultrasound visibility of needle shaft and needle tip1
  • Reliable and optimized needle echogenicity at higher angles

2. Sharp Back Cut Bevel

  • Reduced pain and drag during puncture and needle placement
  • Easier and more precise needle manoeuverability
  • Smooth gliding properties

3. Smooth Needle Coating

  • Improved gliding properties
  • Uniform tapered insulation
  • Enhanced dielectric strength

RFTL Sono Ordering Info

Item description Item no. LUER Purchase Unit

20G x 52.6mm (2") 5mm Active Tip

001175-11D 25

22G x 98.6mm (4") 5mm Active Tip

001175-20B 25
Item description

20G x 52.6mm (2") 5mm Active Tip

Item no. LUER 001175-11D 25
Item description

22G x 98.6mm (4") 5mm Active Tip

Item no. LUER 001175-20B 25

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1 Edgcombe H., Hocking G. Sonographic identification of needle tip by specialists and novices: a blinded comparison of 5 regional block needles in fresh human cadavers, Reg. Anesth. Pain Med. 2010 March–April; 35(2): 207–211

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