Automatic Injection Pressure Limiter

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Automatic Injection Pressure Limiter

Ultrasound-guided localisation of peripheral nerves and the associated real-time visualisation provide crucial benefits in regional anaesthesia.1 Nonetheless, it is clear that this does not reduce the incidence of permanent nerve damage.2 Even in combination with nerve stimulation, intrafascicular injections cannot be ruled out.1,3,4,5 The causes include incorrect positioning of the needle along with exceeding critical injection pressures.

With the automatic injection pressure limiter NerveGuard, developed by Pajunk, the injection pressure is automatically limited to avoid nerve damage.

NerveGuard Overview

NerveGuard Features & Advantages

1. No eye contact

  • No additional „eye contact“ with the NerveGuard is necessary.

2. Easy connected

  • The NerveGuard injection pressure limiter is easily connected with a syringe and injection tube
  • Detects incorrect cannula positioning (fascia or nerve contact)
  • Prevents intrafascicular injections in cases of excessive pressure
  • Automatically blocks injections when injection pressure exceeds the limit value
  • Provides important information regarding position correction
  • Avoids nerve damage and increases patient safety

NerveGuard Ordering Info

Item description Item no. LUER Item no.  Purchase Unit

NerveGuard / single / sterile / For single shot applications in diameters of 20G/21G/22G

001151-38M 001163-38M 10
Item description

NerveGuard / single / sterile / For single shot applications in diameters of 20G/21G/22G

Item no. LUER 001151-38M 10
Item no. NRFIT 001163-38M 10

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