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EpiLong Soft catheter

This special catheter grants, thanks to the integrated metal helical coil, depth graduation, and the soft tip important properties: This includes maximum flexibility while introducing, placement and during the stay as well as the absolute kinking resistancy.

The metal helical coil ditributes the following advantages to EpiLong Soft catheter:

Maximum of movability and kinking resistancy against buckling and creasing
Unhindered flow of the anaesthetic because of a particularly great inner lumen
The annoying memory effect is eliminated through the integrated metal helical coil
High tearing resistancy and excellent tissue compatibility of the robust nylon material

Benefits of the soft, resistant catheter tip:

Optimal placement in the epidural space thanks to the special tip-design of the Tuohy cannula
Exact localisation due to the ascending depth graduation and the attachment of radiographic contrast strips
100% ultrasonic visibility of the integrated metal helical coil

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