Latest news and stories on who we are, what is happening at
Pajunk and in the medical device industry.
Latest news and stories on who we
are, what is happening at Pajunk
and in the medical device industry.

Marketing & Sales

  • Name:Nick Bledzki
  • Position:International Marketing Director (since 2019)
  • Goal:Increase Pajunk's brand awareness globally

Standing behind the company and its products with heart and soul - this is the only way marketing and sales work. Great product and specialist knowledge is just as important to us as a feel for the market situation and, of course, for our customers. With communicative pleasure, we see ourselves not only as marketeers or salespeople, but above all as consultants.

A great team of marketing and sales specialists supports and advises you competently in all questions and concerns. Our common goal is to make our product accessible worldwide to all users, and to make the PAJUNK® brand recognizable globally.

„As an innovative manufacturer of medical technology, it is our claim to be among the best. We also want to further advance our brand and quality promise "made in Germany" internationally.“ Nick Bledzki, International Marketing Director

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  • Name:Bettina Pajunk-Wiedmann
  • Position:HR Manager (since 2014)
  • Goal:To bind motivated specialists to the company in the long term

"Employees are our greatest asset" - not just a phrase for us. We know that the success of the company depends on the performance and motivation of our employees. This is why we support them in their professional and personal development and promote their individual skills.

As an owner-managed family business, we cultivate closeness to our employees and ensure a working atmosphere that is characterised by openness, trust and commitment. This creates freedom, which is decisive for the identification and commitment of our employees.

"We support employees not only in their professional but also in their personal development. The focus is on strengthening their individual skills.“
Bettina Pajunk-Wiedmann, Human Resources

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  • Name:Rosi Schützinger & Florian Weck
  • Position:Development Engineers (since 2013 & 2015)
  • Goal:Develop high quality products in line with our customer's vision

We will only live up to our responsibility towards users and ultimately towards patients if we continuously strengthen the active exchange of experience between users, technicians and developers. This exchange is our innovation engine and enables us to meet the requirements of the dynamic market. PAJUNK® takes up needs, sets new standards or finds ways to meet the changed requirements with corresponding product innovations. This is the basis of our innovative strength.

"The active exchange of experience between users, technicians and developers determines our daily business. Only through this exchange is it possible for us to meet the requirements of the dynamic market."
Florian Weck, Development Engineer

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  • Name:Simone Pajunk-Schelling & Martin Hauger
  • Position:Managing Directors (since 1993)
  • Goal:Taking responsibility and becoming a role model for others

It has never been easier than today to stand up for people and the planet. But nobody can be proud of the reason for this: Man-made disasters happen almost every week.

With innovative medical technology, Pajunk has been committed to the well-being of people from the very beginning. However, this commitment does not end in the operating theatre, it is much more complex and extensive. "We should make responsible use of the privilege of setting a good example at all levels of our actions," emphasises Managing Director Simone Pajunk-Schelling.

Fair and sustainable production is an important prerequisite for us, which is why all our decisions are guided by sustainable environmental practice. However, sustainability and responsibility are not only an ecological but also a social factor. To achieve our goals, we rely on committed and competent - but above all - satisfied employees. After all, the path to a secure and hopeful future can only be taken together.

"No one can save the world alone. But with our deeds we can make it more livable together and become an example to others."
Martin Hauger, Managing Director

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