Veress Disposable

Disposable Insufflation Needles

Veress Disposable

Disposable Insufflation Needles

The insufflation needles according to Veress were developed especially for the efficient creation of the pneumoperitoneum. From puncture to removal, this system is geared towards safety. The sharp needle tip allows a controlled introduction and the visual positioning indicator makes position checks during a puncture possible at any time. In addition, the atraumatic retractor protection minimises the risk of potential organ damage.

Veress Disposable Overview

Veress Reusable Features & Advantages

1. Sharp and Atraumatic Tip

  • Sharp needle tip for controlled introduction
  • Atraumatic retractor protection minimises the risk of organ damage

2. Stop-cock and Luer Lock Connector

  • Maintenance-free stop-cock
  • Luer Lock Connector for insufflation

3. Spring Loaded Retractor

  • For an access with minimized risk

Veress Disposable Ordering Info

Item description Item no. Purchase Unit

Disposable insufflation needle, 120mm, Ø 2mm

1216-10120 10

Disposable insufflation needle, 150mm, Ø 2mm

1216-10150 10

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