Safersonic Ultrasound Probe Covers

Permeability of ultrasound waves thanks to the integrated adhesive stripe

Safersonic Ultrasound Probe Covers

Permeability of ultrasound waves thanks to the integrated adhesive stripe

To ensure the sterility of the probe and cable, PAJUNK® offers an ultrasound probe cover with integrated stripe, which is characterized by a very good permeability of the ultrasound waves. It can be attached to the ultrasound probe without using an additional contact medium within the probe cover. Additionally, the integrated adhesive stripe enables an application of the ultrasound probe cover without air bubbles or wrinkles. This also positively affects the quality of the ultrasound image.

While performing ultrasound guided puncture it may be necessary to pass the cannula through the ultrasound gel. This procedure may result in a subcutaneous introduction of the ultrasound gel even up to direct nerve contact. Many ultrasound gels that are available on the market contain alcohols like glycerol or prophylene glycerol as binding agent or preservative. The neurolytic properties of these substances have been demonstrated.

Safergel is free of any preservatives, parabens and alcohols and thus offers an excellent patient safety! Safergel also complies with the requirements for approval as a surgical invasive product (MPG class IIa according to 93/42 / EEC Section III Rule 6) and thus contributes significantly to the improvement of patient safety.

Safersonic Ultrasound Probe Covers Overview

Safersonic Ultrasound Probe Covers Features & Advantages

1. Integrated adhesive stripe

  • Easy and precise application
  • Use of a contact medium within the cover is redundant
  • Easy removal without leaving sticky residues

2. Easy, fast and clean setup

  • No need for ultrasound gel inside the probe cover due to the integrated adhesive strip

3. Telescope folding

  • Simplifies the attachment of the cover under sterile conditions

4. Safergel

  • „Twist´n´use“- closure for one-handed application with an 180° twisto
  • Free of preservatives and alcohols
  • Patient safety while maintaining gel viscosity

Safersonic Ultrasound Probe Covers Ordering Info

Item description Item no. Purchase Unit

18 x 30cm, with adhesive stripe

001151-18030 50

18 x 50cm, with adhesive stripe

001151-18050 50

18 x 120cm, with adhesive stripe

001151-18120 50

18 x 120cm, with adhesive stripe, with Safergel (15g)

021151-18120 50

18 x 250cm, with adhesive stripe

001151-18250 50

Safergel, ultrasound gel, 15g

011151-38J 100

Safersonic Ultrasound Probe Cover Brochure EU


1 Strupp M., Schueler O., Straube A., Von Stuekrad-Barre S., Brandt T. Atraumatic Sprotte needle reduces the incidence of post-lumbar puncture headaches, Neurol. 2001; 57: 2310–2312
2 Jäger H., Krane M., Schimrigk K. Lumbar puncture – the post-puncture syndrome. Prevention with an „atraumatic“ puncture needle, clinical observations [Article in German] Schweiz Med Wochenschr. 23. Okt. 1993; 123(42):1985–90

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