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Chronic Pain Management by PAJUNK

What’s Chronic Pain? It is a pain that has repeated too often and then persist. This kind of pain is multifaceted and often ambiguous. It comes in different forms and requires individual solution and approaches.

What moves Pajunk to invest in Chronic Pain products?
Pain has many facets and can affect anyone. For this reason, it is important to develop targeted products. A constant exchange with experts is therefore extremely important. This is exactly what drives us to become active in the field of chronic pain. Our founders have already shown pioneering spirit, which we want to continue and which drives us again and again to innovations.

Through the on-going exchange with physicians, we always have a direct connection to the market. Our innovative products have emerged from this network and had led us to become one of the major players in Regional Anesthesia. We manufacture high quality products for ultrasound and fluoroscopy guided pain management procedures.
In a next step, Pajunk goes into the neuromodulation. High quality chronic pain products form the leader in ultrasound guided Regional Anaesthesia.

'The future lies in neuromodulation and Pajunk is moving right there.' (Klaus Holzer, Senior Consultant)

What is Pajunk exactly doing against Pain?
We want to fight with our innovations against the different forms of pain. Our heros Injections, PNS and RF Ablation will accompany us.
To reach - no pain, more gain.

Stay tunned!

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