FlowSys / FlowSys Twin

Trumpet Valves

FlowSys / FlowSys Twin

Trumpet Valves

Pajunk supplies two different trumpet valve handles – as FlowSys with a single valve insert and as FlowSys Twin with a double trumpet valve.
Due to its ergonomic grip plate, the FlowSys Twin is easy to hold and can be operated with the index and the middle finger.

FlowSys / FlowSys Twin Overview

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FlowSys Tube

FlowSys / FlowSys Twin Ordering Info

Item description Item no. Purchase Unit

Suction / irrigation system with trumpet valve, M8 x 1mm

1298-01-00 1

Suction / irrigation system with double trumpet valve, removable handle plate, exchangeable tube, M8 x 1mm

1298-41-00 1

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