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The DeltaLong ECG position control system

Rapid, radiation-free CVC position control

Positioning central venous catheters has long been a routine procedure. In the past, practitioners used to perform a chest X-ray after positioning the catheter, but the intra-atrial lead allows the position to be checked without exposing the patient to this procedure. It is faster, direct, and does not involve radiation.

The ECG position control system developed by PAJUNK« is based on a simple fundamental principle. The intra-atrial ECG signals are directly detected from the catheter tip. PAJUNK« offers practitioners the choice of two ECG derivation techniques.

Method 1: Injection of an appropriate solution
Derivation oft he intra-atrial ECG via physiological saline that is injected via the venous catheter

Method 2: The Seldinger technique
The DeltaLong clamp is connected to the Seldinger wire in position inside the vessel

Intra-atrial lead / P wave

An ECG is derived between the catheter tip and a surface electrode. It undergoes a characteristic change (P wave) when the central venous catheter is advanced into the right atrium.


The ECG potentials derived from the catheter tip are evident.
Incorrect positioning is detected and corrected during the positioning process.
There is no longer any need to perform an X-ray to check the position, which saves time and money and avoids exposing the patient to radiation.
Approved by the DGAI (German Society for Anaesthesiology and intensive Care Medicine).

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