PAJUNK Central Europe
has moved to Pajunkstr.!


We have moved to Pajunkstr.!

Our new address as of 01st of January 2024: Pajunkstraße 2 78187 Geisingen

The first steps towards Pajunkstrasse 2 were already taken in October last year - with the move to the new offices. Thanks to a great team effort, we were able to accomplish this in only four hours.


After nine years in Karl-Hall-Strasse, the headquarters of Pajunk GmbH Medizintechnologie, PAJUNK Central Europe has now moved into its new location. Fantastic modern workspaces for a growing and enthusiastic team!


As of 01st of January 2024, it was finally time to say goodbye to Karl-Hall-Strasse and hello to Pajunkstrasse 2. From this day on, the billing and delivery address has also be changed and the move thus finalized.