NerveProtect 3
The Triple Guidance
Safety Concept


NerveProtect³ - The Triple Guidance Safety Concept

Making products that contribute to patient safety is an important part of our business. Pajunk is innovative in the market with its product and technology developments and thus contributes to patient safety. Especially our technologies Cornerstone reflectors, NanoLine coating and our product NerveGuard contribute to increased safety during injections.

High opening injection pressure during a PNB injection can lead to neurological complications - intraneural or intrafrascicular. The result can be nerve damages or compression of blood vessels.

To prevent this cases, an objective monitoring during the injections is helpful. The best way is to use different technologies together. Which leads to Triple Guidance.


What‘s Triple Guidance?

This is called the combined use of ultrasound, nerve stimulation and injection pressure limitation. And this is exactly what Pajunk has developed successful technologies and products for.


1. Ultrasound: thanks to Cornerstone technology, our SonoPlex is the best ultrasound-coated needle on the market.

2. Nerve stimulation: NanoLine coating contributes to precise stimulation.

3. Injection pressure limitation: NerveGuard makes this possible and helps to reduce nerve damage and compression of blood vessels.


Together, these three elements form a contribution to patient safety - NerveProtect³

To learn more about the clinical part behind the triple guidance, take a look into the new video of Dr. Hadzics.

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The Best Nerve Block Needle Ever?"

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