Dawn of a NEW ERA


The regional anaesthesia market

For decades, the global regional anaesthesia market has been spared significant external and internal surprises only to be subjected to several novelties in recent times. On the one hand, the conflict in Ukraine and the pandemic has had a strong impact on the business. On the other hand, the medical device market is changing. The introduction of ISO 80369 with the corresponding 80369-6 (NRFit®) requires a huge human, financial and technical investment from regional anaesthesia players. For some companies, this has led to restrictions and even complete withdrawal from the medical device market. Futhermore, the simultaneous revision of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR), which entails a regulatory, time and financial burden that far exceeds that of NRFit, led many companies to refocus and adapt their strategies. The introduction and use of ultrasound in regional anaesthesia over 10 years ago has also had a huge impact on market players. Some companies have taken up the demand, while others have missed this trend and have already lost their strength in the segment. 


Only today we are aware of the complete global reorganization of the regional anaesthesia market. Hardly any of the remaining companies seem to be able or willing to maintain their focus on regional anaesthesia, which is why innovation in the field has suffered a sharp decline. Pajunk is currently the only truly active global player in the world market.


"As innovator and trendsetter, our goal is to lead and advance the regional anaesthesia market."
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbSimone Pajunk-Schelling

Our new course

A new era dawns for us, in which we are communicating our focus and position as experts in regional anaesthesia to the outside world as well. This is reflected in our campaign ´NEW ERA - EXPERTS IN REGIONAL ANAESTHESIA´.


We are proud to be among the leaders in the industry and to be distinguished by our expertise, quality, and reliability. As a reliable partner, we will continue to support users in the best way possible. From our positions at the top of the regional anaesthesia market, we see it as our responsibility to cover any shortages in the market and to expand our capacities in the long term. 


For this reason, we...

  1. ...will significantly increase our investments in regional anaesthesia, create new production facilities, and improve storage capacitites.
  2. ...are investing our resources particulary in the areas of digitization and susatinibility to make our contribution the the conservation of natural resources and the promotion of digital solutions.


"We've been a leader in the regional anaesthesia market for decades and see ourselves as industry pioneers."
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbMartin Hauger

Our aim is not only to be able to respond to the challenges of the future but also to actively set new standards and remain pioneers. Our success proves us right. We are proud to be a reliable partner and to stand by your side.

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